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fungsi VIAGRA adalah memacu kerja jantung untuk mengalirkan darah ke PENIS jadi bagi anda penderita Jantung dan Tekanan Darah harap berkonsultasi terlebih dahulu pada dokter.

VIAGRA, PIL BIRU, BLUE TABLET terdiri dari Dosis , 100mg. Bagi anda yang pertama kali memakai, sesuaikan dosis terkecil terlebih dahulu.

mohon jangan mengkonsumsi miras atau semacamnya sebelum/setelah pemakaian VIAGRA.


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Viagra - perhaps the most famous, popular, and if you want, "advertised" the drug to treat erectile dysfunction, is a tablet containing sildenafil citrate. One of the many benefits of treatment with Viagra is that it does not need any injections into the penis or other medical procedures, but just enough to take the pill before sexual contact. The essence of the preparation is very simple and at the same time very effective: Viagra can increase the amount of blood that enters into the penis. That's how Viagra helps man to call a natural erection, and that this "natural" and "natural" process, are almost the main innovations and advantages of the drug over its competitors.

Viagra story begins in 1992 and has its origins in the glorious British Pfayzers town of Sandwich. The discovery of Viagra, oddly enough, it was an accident. So, in that same 1992 pharmaceutical company Pfizer conducted clinical trials of its new drug - sildenafil citrate. This drug was developed for the treatment of heart disease. Scientists believed that the drug will increase blood flow to the heart muscle, and because of this will decrease blood pressure. However, unfortunately frustrated scientists, the drug had no effect on blood flow to the heart muscle (myocardium) and blood pressure. But as it turned out he had another remarkable effect. By the greatest of the surprise of scientists, many men who participated in clinical trials of the drug, did not want to return the tablets, despite the "setback" in his testing. Later, they recognized scientists noticed that in itself improve the quality of erections and scientists, over the same did not fail to take advantage of this, a little be adjusted to aim their research. The new drug has been named by the word "Viagra", formed by the merger of the words «vigor» (power, force, energy) and "Niagara" - the big, strong and powerful waterfall in North America.

From next year to begin clinical trials of Viagra, the results of which were to confirm its effect. And the results are not "pumped up": they demonstrate superior efficacy and safety of the drug. In this regard, is the logical ending of this story - 27 March 1998 U.S. Department of Food and Drug Administration gave Viagra "green light".

Effect of the drug was evaluated over 3000 men from 19 to 87 years. The term erectile dysfunction they have averaged about 5 years (from six months to 26 years), and violation of erectile function were both psychogenic and organic. The results showed that Viagra is really effective for the restoration of erection and increase the success of sexual acts. And it is effective for all able-bodied men, and for diabetes, spinal cord injuries and other diseases as Viagra was effective for patients taking several other medications.

Unfortunately, however, Viagra, like any other tool, not a universal panacea for all the men in the world. So are poor results in patients with venous drainage. It must be remembered that only a doctor can find the right treatment and, therefore, before using any drugs should consult with him.

Concluding, we note that Viagra is rightly one of the most famous, popular and sought-after drugs to cure erectile dysfunction. But do not forget about the possible undesirable and sometimes harmful to the body side effects and contraindications, so that first, there should be prior consultation with the doctor.

Viagra comments: doctor dermatovenerologist, MD Ludmila Zhavoronkova.

With the advent of the market drugs such as Viagra quiet revolution has occurred in the sexual pathology. For the first time declared a drug fulfills its promises to restore a normal sexual life of men of all ages. Therefore, the popularity and demand for such products has surpassed all expectations. It is not hard to guess that soon began to appear on the market new products such action. First of all, it should be noted that all drugs of this series have the identical result of their action, but vary greatly in quality to achieve the desired effect. Everyone who decided to use the services of such drugs, we should remember that an erection while taking the drug did not occur by itself, you must have sexual attraction to a partner, the male libido in action. If it is missing as a result of a lack of testosterone or for whatever reasons, neurogenic, genetic or psychosomatic properties, then on the desired result can only dream of. Therefore, before taking such drugs is vital advice specialist doctor - sex therapist or urologist. It should be remembered that the duration of erection should be limited to the normal time frame. You can not have the desire, accompanied by an erection all 36 hours at a time, for example, as stated by cialis. The result can be venous thrombosis of the penis and its gangrenizatsiya with subsequent amputation. In other words, the mind must be in harmony with your desires, not vice versa.

Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

One of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is anxiety. This come from the fact that most men believe that they have to perform to a certain standard when it comes to having sex. They feel that they have to please their partner before themselves and they should always take the lead and be in control during sex. Men are also under the illusion that they have to have a full erection in order to satisfy their partners.

Erectile dysfunction can come from all the pressure that a man puts on himself to perform and this pressure stops his penis from staying erect.

We all know that prevention is better than cure and if you want to prevent erectile dysfunction there are a number of things that you can do. Nutrition is a great place to start and zinc is a great place to start. Zinc is extremely important when it comes to the way male sexual function. If you are deficient in this mineral it can lead to erection problems. Significant depletion of zinc is just one cause and illnesses such as diabetes or liver diseases can also lead to erectile order cialis.

Another way to treat erectile cheap cialis is to increase semen and there are a number of products on the markets that can help with this. The number one product is Performer5 and it helps to increase the amount of semen and it also uses zinc as one of its main ingredients. These volume pills not only increase semen production but they also give you stronger erections and longer and more powerful orgasms.


If you don’t know what causes the problem it can be very difficult to find the right prevention technique. Erectile dysfunction is something that you don’t have to suffer from and if you can take the pressure off yourself you could see a significant improvement. If you are unhappy with your sexual performance it will show so you really do need to do something about it.

Performer5 pills
can help to increase semen and help prevent erectile dysfunction. These 100% natural and organic pills help to improve blood supply to the penis and this keeps the penis healthy and functioning to the best of its ability. The ingredients that are used in this product have been proven to help the male reproductive system and some of the nutrients that you can expect to find include zinc Aspartate and Zinc Gluconate, L-Arginine, Muira Pauma, Pomegranate, L-Glycine, and Dong Quai to name but a few.

Preventing erectile dysfunction is easy with the help of Performer5 pills and not only that, they also help to improve your sexual performance and give you longer and more powerful erections too.

Isn’t it time you stopped putting pressure on yourself about your sexual performance and starting enjoying the pleasures that sex has to bring with the help of Performer5 pills.